Vlogmas: Holiday Mugs with Fritjof Andersson, and our deepest FEARS! [Video Stream and Download]

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Vlogmas: Holiday Mugs with Fritjof Andersson, and our deepest FEARS! [Video Stream and Download]:
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Vlogmas 2015: December 3rd
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Relationdesk CEO, Fritjof Andersson joins in the Vlogmas fun, and we get crafty!!!!
• We talk about the growing needs and challenges of social media that are facing today's companies.
• Fritjof talks about what hobbies and interest he pursues to recharge while building Relationdesk.
• We exchange our deepest, darkest fears. Ooooo, scary.
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P.S. I know is says the 4th in the opening. Just did some last minute schedule changes and forgot that was there. Anyhoo, this #3 ya'll.
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