Die Hard Wednesday #2 [Video Stream and Download]

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Die Hard Wednesday #2 [Video Stream and Download]:
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Welcome to the Die Hard Wednesday Series. This is a personal challenge for me to start using my dies. I know there are alot of Die Hard Fans on You Tube and I hope this series provide some inspiration for you to start using your dies more for your crafty projects.
Shanta is my crafty partner in this challenge. So, make sure to check out her video as well to see what she has created.
Here is the link to her YT Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/shtanah
This series will be posted every other Wednesday. Our next video will be on December 16, 2015. So, make sure you come back for some more crafty videos. Make sure to subscribe to myself and Shanta so you will not miss any of the series.
Thank you for watching today.