Dead Rising 2 w/ RozVaneGAME (9) Sporadic! [Video Stream and Download]

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Dead Rising 2 w/ RozVaneGAME (9) Sporadic! [Video Stream and Download]:
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Man, my upload schedule is really off this week.
This is Dead Rising 2. It's a real fun crafty, shooty, silly kind-of zombie game. We're Chuck Greene and we've got to get through this zombie hell hole in order to keep our zombie-bitten daughter alive. Because it has co-op abilities I'll be playing most of the story line with Roz!
You can check out Roz's channel either by clicking on the zubat at the outro or
If we would like to pretend a real zombie apocalypse had happened, I'd like to imagine that Direct Relief would be the go-to group to try and help out.
You can buy Dead Rising 2 on steam:
If you stayed for the outro, and also read this description, you win a prize... The prize being my gratitude. :{D
Outro Song: "Local Forecast" Kevin MacLeod (
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