Baby Alive My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Makeover. DisneyToysFan. [Video Stream and Download]

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Baby Alive My Little Pony Rainbow Dash Makeover. DisneyToysFan. [Video Stream and Download]:
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My Little Pony Baby Alive Makeover Into Rainbow Dash MLP Equestria Girl. Play Doh, Paint, etc.
If you love My Little Pony's Equestria Girls Friendship is Magic like us, you are going to absolutely love this fun and crafty MLP makeover. Oh yes, talk about a dramatic transformation, this time around we use paint, Play Doh, colorful fabric and Alex Toys hair chalk, to turn the Baby Alive Play n' Style Christina Doll into the much loved Rainbow Dash MLP character. If you want to be wow'd by a fun arts and craft makeover project, watch and see the final reveal of our beautiful MLP baby.
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